Agricultural Commodities Trading

We supply grains, oil seeds, feed ingredients, pulses and feed additives to wholesalers, processors, manufacturers,
aid agencies and end-users.

We cater to the local and international markets. Our trading activities focus within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Feed Raw Materials

We specialise in imports of feed raw materials from Southern Africa.

Wheat Bran, Maize Bran, Hominy Chop, Rice Bran, Cottonseed, Cotton Oilcake, Cotton Hulls, Sunflower Oilcake, Soya Oilcake, Groundnut Oilcake, Molasses.


We are active in the trade of white maize, yellow maize, both for importing and exporting.
We are approved suppliers of various major feeding groups, parastatals and NGOs.


We are suppliers of edible beans from neighbouring territories and China, to NGOs and packers in South Africa and other regions.

Oil Seeds

We are active in the trade of Sunflower Seeds, Soya Beans and Cotton Seed.